What is LumeRate?


LumeRate is a place to discuss your favorite Stellar assets, tokens, and projects. It is free to sign up and free to post. In fact, if you don’t see a discussion about your favorite Stellar asset feel free to create the group yourself to start the discussion. None of the discussions should be construed as financial advice.

To find a list of the groups, click on the LumeRate link in the upper left-hand corner to bring you to the Home page. To see the latest comments click on News Feed in the navigation bar.

In the Member Profile there is a place to put your Stellar wallet address to verify that you are a participant in the Stellar network. It is not currently required but may be in the future.

LumeRate Roadmap

  • Develop A Social Network for Stellar Assets
  • Integrate an Asset Rating Guide similar to CoinMarketCap
  • Stellar Wallet Integration that allows Users to easily exchange Assets
  • Ongoing App Development Based on Demand

Please read and understand the Terms of Service before entering any asset disccusion.

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